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OverUnder - Viewing Distance

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OverUnder - Viewing Distance

Viewing Distance (2023)

Spray paint on Vinyl Coated Polyester Mesh

70" x 50.5"

Instagram @oupublicworks

“A portrait of Ralph Burns, a Northern Paiute educator, veteran, and house painter (just like us but 2 colors at max, lol). He grew up at Pyramid Lake and after returning from Vietnam realized only the elders spoke Numu, the native language. He decided to teach the younger generation Numu and even worked with a linguist at the University in Reno to create the first written version of Numu and go on to teach the first ever Paiute language course. I have a lot of respect for the indigenous people in my area and have tried to elevate their story to the mainstage. 

The piece I submitted was the second study for a larger mural. The first was on paper but for the second I decided to experiment with a new material consisting of a mesh vinyl. It's in a pink tone similar to the high desert soil where Ralph lives and I think reflects the ethos of the people to co-exist and not dominate the environment. When looking at the piece it's easy to look through it and allow the portrait to become one with the background. It's also easy to not see the portrait, similar to the way many indigenous people have been treated. Either way I wanted to send something that spoke about where I come from.”

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