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Soft Chick - The Social Worker

The Social Worker



12" x 12"

"The Social Worker" by Soft Chick is an extension of "Ordinary Girl," currently on display at the Long Beach Museum of Art. This artwork serves as a compelling testament to the resilience and creativity of women who defy conventional norms to pursue their dreams. It delves deep into the layers of identity and self-expression, emphasizing the aspiration to break free from society's limitations often imposed on women. Crafted from clay, the piece captures the essence of Cafe Lu, a bikini coffeehouse in OC, and pays tribute to the women who have charted their unique paths in a world that doesn't always understand or respect their choices. "The Social Worker" makes a powerful statement about self-determination, autonomy, and the ability to redefine one's place in womanhood. It stands as an artistic testament to the unwavering spirit and resilience of women who strive to live life on their own terms."


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