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Hannah - The Moon and The Mountain

The Moon and The Mountain


Oil on wood

12" x 12"


"The Moon and the Mountain - On one cold night, Many moons ago, As I slept in snow, A mountain came to me, And lent me her head to bed the night. Up so high, I could speak to the stars, And even the moon while she circled the sky. The moon and the mountain, Talked and laughed with me, As best of friends they seemed to be, And as they gently chattered through the night, I slept the soundest sleep to ever be slept. When morning came, And the moon bade me farewell, The mountain bent down to let me go, But two better friends had I never met, Than the moon and the mountain, So I left my hole in the snow, To live up high in the sky, In the warmth of the mountain, And under the laughter of the moon."

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